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What is Waggle?

Unlimited Reach

Waggle's patented technology is not constrained by network congestion (wifi) or signal saturation (cellular), thus allowing real time communications with an unlimited number of mobile devices in densely packed areas, indoors or out, without any reliance upon the Internet or networks.

Immersive Entertainment, Deep Metrics & Improved Security

Waggle delivers a live immersive entertainment experience, deep attendee metrics and a reliable connection which ensures that emergency messages are received.

Smartphone Powered

Waggle empowers the attendee's mobile device with real-time communications to enable the true potential of those devices even in dense crowds. Mobile order & pay,  person to person messaging, emergency communications and so much more is now possible for the first time.

How Waggle Works

Emergency Communications

In the event of an unplanned emergency, Waggle can be used to deliver important instructions and information to crowds of any size or density, indoors or outside without relying upon cellular or internet connectivity. Attendees can even use the event application to report emergencies and request assistance.

Interactive Live Entertainment

Waggle allows artists to share a once in a lifetime experience with their fans by inviting concert goers to become part of the performance. Waggle will trigger staged content that is perfectly synchronized with the live media.

Attendee Tracking

Waggle metrics track each attendee from their arrival outside of the venue, through the queue, and as they visit various vendors. Waggle even tracks how much time guests spend at each performance. This data can be used in aggregate for logistics planning and individually for personalized marketing and post-event content.

Direct Traffic to Sponsors

Motivate customers to physically visit sponsor locations by unlocking features or rewards once they are in proximity of the vendor area. There's no need for vendor interaction. Waggle will automatically unlocked the earned rewards within the event's mobile application.

Infinite Uses

Emergency Communications

Provide critical safety instructions as needed.

Personal Connection

With Waggle, every seat is front and center.

Drive Foot Traffic to Sponsors

Unlock offers for those in the right place at the right time.

Sports Fan Live Updates

Player statistics and scores updated in real time.

Audience Mobility Metrics

Who watched what, when and where?

Post Show Engagement

Fans receive updates and new content long after the event.

Why Waggle?

Massive Crowds

Waggle is for events where a multitude of people gather within a relatively small area like a sports arena or outdoor music festival. Crowds of this size render traditional cellular and wifi networking technology unuseable. Waggle welcomes them all.

Audience Engagement

Waggle provides event managers with real time direct access to attendee's smartphones. Leverage this breakthrough to enhance public performances, send out emergency notifications, update statistics and distribute information all from within the event's mobile application .

Attendee Metrics

Waggle tracks when each attendee got in line, how long they spent queiung, every place and when they went there inside the venue. This valuable information is uploaded to a private cloud server for future marketing and logistics efforts.


Push targeted advertising directly to potential customers during the event with Waggle's patented proximity detection technology. Push hemp products to customers in line at the Vegan food truck or beer promotions to customers in line for BBQ.

Enduring Relationships

The event will eventually end, but the engagement can go on for years to come. Each attendee's personal profile can be used to promote future events, related merchandise and to continue building brand loyalty through precisely targeted interactions within the event's mobile application.

Seamless Integration

Waggle's patented technology is directly integrated within the event mobile application. No need for users to download a separate program.

More Information

Incorporating Waggle into an event requires a substantial amount of planning, programming, and coordination across multiple teams. Waggle is powerful and not easy or cheap to implement. If you are still interested, please fill out and submit the contact form below.

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